Takeya Iced Tea Maker 24oz.

Takeya Iced Tea Maker 24oz.

Making iced tea isn’t hard. Get a few things together and you’ll have the best iced tea made in about 15 minutes!

Things You Need To Make Iced Tea:

Strainer or Iced Tea Maker with Strainer for Loose Leaf Tea
Tea Kettle
– Pitcher
– Good Water
– Ice or Refrigerator

When I make Iced Tea, I make a concentrate and then dilute it with chilled water in a large 1-gallon pitcher. This way, I can make one pot of tea with extra loose tea and then add water to make a larger quantity without having to boil an entire gallon of water. I use either the Takeya Iced Tea Maker or the Ingenuitea Tea Maker, depending on my mood. They are both great.

Steps to Making the Best Iced Tea:

1) Boil water in tea kettle. If you are making a 6 cup pot of tea for iced tea, boil 6 cups of water.
2) Put favorite Loose Tea in tea strainer or tea maker. One teaspoon per cup of water. So, if you are making 1 gallon of iced tea, put in the strainer 16 teaspoons of loose tea. This will most likely fill up your strainer if it’s a traditional teapot. If you are using the Takeya Tea Makers or the Ingenuiteas you can easily fit all that loose tea in.
3) Pour Boiling water over the loose tea and let it steep. Set your timer for correct timing, depends on the tea. Herbal teas need 10-15 minutes. Black teas need 4-5 minutes. Green teas need 2-3 minutes. White teas need about 5 minutes but you could do up to 15 minutes.
4) Sweeten your tea if you want. I usually put 3 Tablespoons of honey in an herbal tea while it’s still hot. Agave Nectar is good, too.
5) Pour the tea concentrate in your 1-gallon pitcher.
6) Fill the rest of the pitcher with chilled water until full, diluting the concentrate to make a whole gallon of tea.
7) Chill in the refrigerator! Or pour over ice to serve immediately.

Tips to Remember:

– Boiling Water is Best (except for green teas or white teas)
– Water quality can make or break the flavor of your tea
– Time your tea, you don’t want it to get too strong
– Add something fun, like frozen fruit, fresh mint, or orange slices
– 16 Teaspoons of Loose Tea per Gallon of Water (1 teaspoon for every 8oz.)

How to Make Iced Tea

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