Travel Kettle Bodum Bistro Electric Kettle 17 oz.This summer I have may things to be happy about. It seems that just about the time I find a favorite lipstick color or a product that I am very committed to, the company decides to discontinue it or go out of business. That’s one reason that many of us buy duplicates when we find something we really like. I’m also that kind of person who always hopes for somethng better, more improved, but in our insecure society today sometimes our hopes are disappointed. But not this summer!

Over the 45 years of drinking tea, I’ve owned about 15 different electric water kettles. My husband and I are so committed to our tea kettles that we travel with them. We’ve been taking our Bodum Mini Ibis kettle with us on cruises, hotels, camping trips. I’ve been nervous for a couple of years that my Mini Ibis would break, since Bodum discontinued production of their small kettle, which was perfect for travel.

But this summer I am overjoyed as Bodum has introduced a new mini kettle called the Bistro Kettle, boiling 17 oz. of water. We recently took this kettle to the World Tea Expo for our hotel visit. It meets all my expectations and more for a traveling kettle.

Here are some of the things I like about it. It has a base so you can pour without being attached to the cord along with a hidden element, so there’s no need to worry about mineral corrosion. It has a hinged lid which opens easily with a button, a scale filter, water level gauge, reset button, indictor light. You can also see the water level from the outside. There’s an automatic shut-off when the water reaches boiling. The water needs to cool down before reboiling.

The kettle is very intuitive and so much better than their previous Mini Ibis and comes in numerous colors at a reasonable price. Last week while in Las Vegas, I got excited every time I made tea in our room because of how much I liked the kettle. This is perfect for travel, college students, singles, or office. This same kettle comes in a larger size, 1.0L/33 oz.

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